27th September 2018

Rockview Royale Hotel Abuja



Governments worldwide are giving special incentives to investors to promote investments in their different territories. On the other hand, investors are looking for the right and safe place to invest wisely, without worries.


Invest in Africa World Summit & Expo 2018 brings together government leaders and investors, thereby eliminating bottlenecks. The summit & expo bring into focus the world aspirations both in rural and urban areas with the opportunity of coming together to promote these aspirations in economic and grassroots development. Strategies to avoid recession will be presented to assist countries worldwide. The summit & expo provide showcase for new innovations and platforms to network and generate opportunities and partnerships.


This is an invaluable event that will showcase major investment opportunities in PPP & infrastructure projects from countries worldwide, as well as a platform to meet government leaders, stakeholders and major international investors. Participants at this unique international forum should look forward to very rewarding business event.



Invest in Africa World Summit & Expo 2018 is being organised by Investment Expo Magazine, with the support of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment of Nigeria, Invest Worldwide Inc Ltd, Invest in Africa Ltd, Grassroots International Foundation, local, regional and global partners. 



The following are the main objectives of INVEST IN AFRICA WORLD SUMMIT & EXPO 2018:

  • To promote trade & investment opportunities for sustainable economic development in Africa;
  • To bring governance to the grassroots in Africa;
  • To create a forum for partnerships and joint ventures in Africa;
  • To create springboard for poverty eradication in Africa;
  • To promote strategies to avoid recession in Africa;
  • To promote export and import from Africa;
  • To promote commercialization of successful research breakthroughs from Africa;
  • To use the project as spring board for showcasing projects in Africa;
  • To ignite and rejuvenate interest in trade & investments in Africa;
  • To wipe out Xenophobia towards sustaining Trade and Investments in Africa.



It is anticipated that Invest in Africa World Summit & Expo 2018 will attract millions of viewers and visitors from around the world, including top business executives, government officials, professionals, investors, consumers and the general public, as arrangements have been made to showcase the event globally.


The Invest in Africa World Summit & Expo 2018 is a unique business forum that provides:

  • Platform where government leaders and investors meet
  • Showcase investment opportunities
  • Bring together prospective joint-venture partners
  • Showcase projects and services
  • Offer new opportunities in production and services
  • Expose you to modern technology in all spheres of business endeavours
  • Provide networking opportunities



A time period is set aside during the Invest in Africa World Summit & Expo 2018 for comprehensive audio-visual and live presentation of investment opportunities before cross section of investors, government officials, stakeholders, special guests and the media.



Adding Value

Sponsorship of Invest in Africa World Summit & Expo 2018 is the key to getting the maximum impact from your marketing activities before, during and after the event. Whatever your budget, we have range of unique opportunities that will help you hold the attention of delegates and visitors, raise your profile and give you an edge over your competitors. Sponsorship is designed to increase your overall profile within the event by association, drive more visitors to your stand and leave a lasting impression on delegates and visitors.


Why Sponsor

Invest in Africa World Summit & Expo 2018 is a unique platform to showcase investment opportunities worldwide with attendance of both local and international visitors and media across the world.



Invest in Africa World Summit & Expo 2018 provides your government or company with numerous networking opportunities scheduled specifically for you to meet and engage with government leaders, stakeholders, major international investors and industry decision makers, including high level speakers. The Invest in Africa World Summit & Expo 2017, will bring together stakeholders from across the world to identify projects and infrastructure investment opportunities worldwide. The summit & expo will also provide delegates with comprehensive insight into development strategies and provide a platform for branding, networking and meeting potential business partners. Opportunities for scheduled meetings are also available and can be facilitated in line with sponsors’ objectives. Some of these networking opportunities are available for sponsorship. Secure your involvement early!



Exhibition spaces are selling fast! Secure your place today and benefit from visitors with excess of £800 trillion spending power. Position your government or company in front of motivated buyers looking to invest in projects, products, services and solutions you offer. If you are considering booking a stand, for best available stand locations, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible.



The Centres of Excellence (CE4), which include Interactive Expert Showcase, Open Plan Theatre, Project Showcase and Technology Showcase, are unique seminar theatres on the exhibition floor aimed at encouraging the dissemination of projects innovation and technological knowledge across the full investment value chain. They provide an additional forum for networking and discussion with like-minded members of the industry, adding value to the exhibition experience. Split into themed daily sessions at the exhibition floor, the CE4 programme is a comprehensive and expert look at many of the issues concerning investments and is free to any registered attendee.


If your government or company is interested in aligning with excellence and wishes to sponsor specific showcase, contact us.

  1. Interactive Expert Showcase
  2. Open Plan Theatre
  3. Project Showcase
  4. Technology Showcase

Sponsors of CE4 will receive exclusive branding aligned with relevant CE4 showcase



Nominations for Africa Achiever Awards, which range from governments, public sector, private sector, development partners and individuals, are to be presented at the Achiever Awards to climax the Invest in Africa World Summit & Expo 2018.



  • UNRAVEL progress of projects and future plans for participation by understanding procedures and guidelines for submitting tenders and investment opportunities
  • PARTNER with government, local and international organisations
  • FINANCE for projects
  • REJUVENATE abandoned infrastructure as you discover latest technologies and processes
  • OFFER new investment opportunities as you realign your business strategy to meet the requirements and expectations of projects
  • NETWORK with government leaders and international investors as you meet key decision makers
  • TAKE advantage to showcase your products and services and stand out from competitors


UPFRONT opportunities to succeed in government & business.



To discuss tailor-made sponsorship packages specific to your government/company’s strategy or

To enquire about exhibiting & associated exhibition branding opportunities